When kids hit elementary school, their teachers are asking new things of them academically, and we think they're ready to raise the bar on their discipleship too.

On Discovery Street, kids get to learn in an environment that mirrors what their parents are doing, with teaching, singing in worship, and small groups. But unlike their parents, they get to make it fun, with games, hands-on activity stations, and incentives for learning that help make it fun to soak up God’s word.

When you join us for the first time, head to the right in our atrium and stop at the Discovery Street desk – right by the giant chalk board wall. We’ll take the time to get to know you and find out how we can best serve you and your young children, and give you all the information you need to feel good about entrusting your kids to us for the morning.

Our Mission

Deep Roots

The mission of the Providence Children's Ministry is summed up in four words: Rooted In the Faith. We strive to introduce kids to God's word on their level, and to introduce them to Jesus as their friend. We believe our role in the mission of Providence is to begin the process of making disciples, preparing kids to encounter more and more of who God is as they grow into students and adults. We're all about nourishing roots that will grow deep into the good soil of a heart that trusts Jesus.

All About Discovery Street

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Learning and Worship Together
Learning and Worship Together

Large Group

In our large group, kids are introduced to one of the most essential activities for followers of Jesus: worship and learning together! As adults, gathering for worship will be a key part of their spiritual lives, and we want them to start learning those habits now. Our storytellers engage kids with approaches to the Bible that they can understand, but that often leave their parents saying “why didn’t I ever learn that?!” We think kids are capable of understanding God’s word and living it out, right where they are in life! We match our teaching time with active group games and singing that are designed to draw in every kid, whoever they are! Oh, and did we mention, we keep it fun with crazy games!

Relationships Are The Key
Relationships Are The Key

Small Group

Just like our adults, our elementary schoolers have two main ways to engage with the church: large group worship and small group. Led by committed and background-checked leaders, our small groups are about kids getting into conversations about the Bible and what it actually has to do with their lives! Our small groups meet every other week during the regular worship service times, alternating with Station weeks.

Learning On Our Feet
Learning On Our Feet


On the weeks we’re not in Small Groups, kids take part in interactive stations where hands on activity allows them to get that energy out and hide God’s word in their hearts at the same time.

Motivation With Meaning
Motivation With Meaning

Discovery Street Store

You know that feeling you had as a kid, after pumping quarters into a skee ball or whack-a-mole game, when you walked up to a magical counter full of toys with a pocket full of tickets to redeem? Imagine if that counter wasn’t full of overpriced plastic army men, but things you’re actually excited to get. That’s the Discovery Street Store! Twice every school semester, kids can redeem DS Cash that they earn from games, Bible memorization, and participation in discussion. Kids often take the opportunity to buy gifts for parents and siblings, and (no surprise here) the store is a huge motivator that they look forward to every time!

Parents Resources

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