Small Groups

Proverbs 27:17




Providence Church believes in making, growing, and unleashing disciples of Christ! A main way we intentionally do this is by cultivating a discipleship centered community within Small Groups. By getting connected to a small group you will have opportunities to unpack the teaching on Sunday and live out the Great Commision together throughout the week. We have a wide variety of small groups, such as: family groups, mixed groups, men’s and women’s groups, college groups, and more! To get connected to a group for you, contact Stacey Bearden (as seen below) or find him in the atrium before or after service!

Why Should You Join a Providence Small Group?

We believe small groups are a great avenue for relational discipleship to take place as we walk alongside other believers in our day to day lives! Check out the testimonials below of how being a part of a small group has impacted their lives!

How has being in a Providence Small Group Impacted your life?

“My husband and I began attending Providence last August. When we started coming, we didn’t know anyone for a few weeks until running into Carol Moorman (I knew her from kindergarten at Rocky Hill 20+ years ago). She invited us to their small group and once we attended it gave us the connection we needed to feel we were part of the church – we had people we connected with to grow in our walk with the Lord.”

How has being in a Small Group impacted your daily relationship with Christ?

“As in any relationship, as you grow closer to God, you grow closer to each other. Seeing my husband, who says little, being willing and eager to participate in small group has been an answer to prayer. God wants us connected – first to him (love him first) and then to each other (love your neighbor).”

Why should someone join a Small Group?

“God did not create us to be in isolation – we are the “body of Christ.” Each part of the body is important for spiritual growth, for connection, and for making disciples. Small groups are instrumental to fulfill what God has called us to do in helping and supporting each other in all aspects of life.”


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Stacey Bearden

Executive Pastor, Discipleship & Elder