About Us

Providence Church Exists to Glorify God by Making, Growing, and Unleashing Disciples of Christ

What Providence Means

The word “providence” simply means God’s good plan and perfect guidance for his creation and all of us. He sovereignly brings all variables together, large and small. This includes the decisions humans make—good and bad—which God uses to accomplish his ends. We love the name Providence for three reasons. First, we recognize that God, not a human leader, started and sustains this church. Second, we want to submit to God’s will, bring him glory, and be a part of what he wants to do in this world.

That’s our mission: to glorify God by making, growing, and unleashing disciples. Third, there have been crazy and unexpected circumstances throughout our history that God has used to establish and grow our church. It has proven to be a perfect name for us. That’s why we want to remember our history—because it reminds us of who we are and where we’ve come from by God’s grace. But it’s important for you to know that God, in his providence, may want to use you in our family, too. We invite you along for the journey!

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