Prov Men

We’re all about equipping men to be unleashed as disciples of Jesus.
Your unique calling as a man.
Your unique calling as a man.

Want a place where it’s ok to talk about faith and football? Where hunting and shedding the occasional tear are both manly? Where you can be challenged to follow Christ more deeply as you live out your unique calling as a man?

Us too.

MANday: Mondays at 7PM

We meet for MANday once a month, usually on a Monday night at 7pm. The men of Providence gather to eat, hang out, and learn about one of the Four Cornerstones of Biblical manhood.
And we eat. Did we mention the food?

When you come to MANday Night, expect to share a handmade meal (think BBQ, chili, wings, or a crawfish boil) around a table with like-minded guys, while a game plays on the big screen. And while we’re at it, we’ll open the Bible and see what God has to say about living out our biblical calling.

Feel free to bring your friends, your sons, and your son’s friends!

We also encourage men to lead by serving.
We also encourage men to lead by serving.

God created us to take action—to do something meaningful, especially when it requires some personal sacrifice. Whatever your skills, talents, and sense of calling, the most important thing for you as a man is to take the step of serving and making a difference.

Some men lead a small group.
Some use their culinary skills to craft mouthwatering meals for MANday Night.
Still others get their hands dirty keeping our campus and facility looking great at Saturday Serve.

Even in our children’s ministry, you find as many men as women volunteering to help our kids grow as disciples. If you’re a musician or a techie, there’s a place for you too. Those who are ready to take extreme risks for the sake of Jesus might have the opportunity to trek across a wilderness to bring the good news  to an unreached tribe.

Be A Part of Our Mission

Get plugged in to serving through viewing more opportunities on our serve page or through clicking the button below to see ways you can serve specifically in Men's Ministry.