The Middle. That's where 5th and 6th grade kids often find themselves - feeling a little too old for elementary school, and a little lost in the world of middle school.

FX is a unique environment for this unique stage, where there’s a little bit of kid and little bit of teenager lurking in every mind and heart. We think this is an important time for these kids to ask questions about their identity, and to find it in Jesus! FX bridges the gap with teaching that’s up a notch in seriousness, but still retains the fun and silliness these kids enjoy, tackling new issues that many of them are encountering for the first time.

FX meets during the 9am worship service.

When you arrive at Providence, you’ll find The Studio, our room dedicated to middle school students, to the left of the main front doors. You can check in, and we’ll get to know you and your child, and learn how we can best team up on their growth toward Jesus.

Our Mission

Deep Roots

The mission of the Providence Children's Ministry is summed up in four words: Rooted In the Faith. We strive to introduce kids to God's word on their level, and to introduce them to Jesus as their friend. We believe our role in the mission of Providence is to begin the process of making disciples, preparing kids to encounter more and more of who God is as they grow into students and adults. We're all about nourishing roots that will grow deep into the good soil of a heart that trusts Jesus.

Maximizing the Middle
Maximizing the Middle

Why FX?

Fifth and sixth graders usually have more in common with each other than they do with the older or younger kids in their schools. That’s why we diverge from the typical elementary/middle/high structure for FX: we’ve found that these kids thrive in an environment that’s tailored a little more toward their world. “Coming Soon” is one way we express this unique part of life – we’re finding out who we are, and we’re learning that the God who made us also gives us our identity. Things like peer comparison, social media, and even bullying start to take on new forms and loom large as kids hit this age, and we want to work along with you as a parent as you guide your kids through these murky waters.

Keeping It Real
Keeping It Real

Serious Fun

When you’re a fifth or sixth grader, sometimes it’s weird. Boys are weird. Girls are weird. We know. We keep it real and keep it fun, sometimes by doing activities ridiculous enough to make you forget, just for a minute, that life’s awkward. Building relationships through fun and games opens up space for small group leaders and teachers to make real connections with kids around the Bible, Jesus, and God’s purpose for them right where they are.

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