Our Missions Partners

Making Disciples Here, Near & Far

Providence is passionate about partnering alongside local and international organizations that believe in making disciples for the Glory of God. Check out our partners Here, Near, & Far!


Providence believes in walking alongside local organizations in discipling those within our community! Swipe below to read about our local partners.


Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) seeks to rescue the poor and needy of the Knoxville area by providing recovery services in the name of Jesus. Their programs provide food, shelter, clothing, assist with individual needs and circumstances, and offer recovery services including case management, addiction treatment, crisis intervention, and job training. Click the button below to learn more about Hope Resource Center and how you can get involved.

Hope Resource Center

Hope Resource Center is a cost free women’s healthcare center offering medical care by licensed professionals for reproductive health concerns, education, and connection with community resources. Their mission is to equip women to make informed and healthy reproductive decisions while sharing the love of Jesus with them. Click the button below to learn more about Hope Resource Center and how you can get involved.

Bridges International

Bridges International is Christian organization that exists to serve and mobilize the international student population in the USA and abroad. They serve students by greeting them at the airport and assisting them in transportation, helping them find the right stores and necessities, providing rides and navigation through their new home, and by providing opportunities for them to practice conversational English and make new friends.

Street Hope TN

Street Hope TN is on a mission to end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in Tennessee and provide safe environments to foster hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Click the button below to learn more about Street Hope TN and how you can get involved.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA engages middle and high school coaches and athletes to begin a relationship with Christ and grow in their faith. FCA is in more schools than any other  Christian organization in East Tennessee. Click the button below to learn more about FCA and how you can get involved.

Renew Clinic

Renew Clinic is a local ministry that provides Christ centered services to combat addiction. They provide Christ-centered and clinically informed treatment. Not only do they provide clinically informed treatment, but they also provide Biblical counseling for participants! Click the button below to learn more about Renew Clinic and how you can get involved.

ELL (English Language Learner)

Come learn English! We offer three levels of classes, so there is a place for everyone regardless of your current grasp of the English language. When you arrive, we will help you determine which class is best for you. Childcare, new friends every week, and refreshments! You can serve in many different capacities in ELL. Adult Encourager: just be a friend and sit with internationals during English class, help with pronunciation, and encourage them as they practice their language skills. Children’s Education (Elem, MS and HS): tutor a child in English, Math, Science, History, etc. ESL Instructor: start, lead, and organize a class to empower internationals.


A main way Providence serves Nationally is through Church Planting. Swipe below to see some of our Church Plants.

Emmanuel Church

Downtown Knoxville, TN
Planter: Will Dobbie

Bridge Church

South Knoxville, TN-US
Planter: Anthony Burton

Providence Jefferson City

Jefferson City, TN-US
Planter: Tony Walls

Village Church

Northwest Knoxville, TN-US

Blount Community Church

Maryville, TN-US
Planters: Kenny Crook & Jeff Fuchs

Oak Ridge Estates
Oak Ridge Estates

Knoxville, TN-US


No matter their culture of origin, all followers of Jesus share a calling to reach all nations with the good news of the Kingdom. Providence is committed to making disciples cross-culturally by planting new churches that plant new churches all over the world. Swipe to read more about our International Missions


There are two church plants in Brazil that have the same passion for church planting as we do. In the last 11 years, Atitude Baptist Church in Rio has been able to successfully plant other churches, send out missionaries, and regularly minister to nearby areas. After sending their first church planter to the nearby city of Londrina, they are in the process of identifying a planter whom we will partner with to send to Chile.

We are working closely with Favour International, a native church planting ministry pursuing unreached people groups in South Sudan. After multiple trips, God led us to the Kachipo people in a remote eastern corner of South Sudan. We learned the Kachipo people had never heard of the gospel and we wanted to change that. God gave us an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus there for the first time! Providence will be taking trips to visit and support our partner, Favor International, in Uganda and South Sudan.

Providence partners with Redeem All Ministries in Zimbabwe to make disciples that make disciples. Anyway Mupesewa and his family are passionate about reaching out to and building up people in rural settings through discipleship. With that, Redeem All Ministries helps plant churches, as well as cultivating a kingdom-centered community.


Providence is partnering with Community Baptist Church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to plant a disciple-making church in Calicanto, Honduras. Calicanto is a village surrounded by five other villages that are in need of a biblical church. We are hopeful that Calicanto will be the multiplying mother church to the surrounding areas. Community Baptist Church has already planted sixteen churches, so we are excited to join them in making disciple s through church planting.


Horizon Missions Ukraine is all about training and serving indigenous leaders through discipleship. David & Katya Snead work alongside Horizon Missions to intentionally make disciples that make disciples sustainably.